Is cbd good for treating adhd?

So, although some people use it and have shared their results publicly, researchers and medical professionals have found no evidence that it is an effective treatment for ADHD. Research doesn't show that CBD oil works to control ADHD. Early research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may help patients with epilepsy. It's also believed to alleviate pain, anxiety, mood disorders, and even acne.

But what about ADHD or ADD? So far, there is no research linking CBD oil to relieving ADHD symptoms. That doesn't stop patients from trying it. CBD oil, which contains the cannabinoid CBD and is derived from the cannabis plant, is often used to help many mental and physical ailments. So what do the experts have to say? Is CBD oil really effective in treating ADHD? Interest in the use of CBD has largely surpassed research on its uses, safety and efficacy.

The FDA has tested the chemical substance CBD in some products and found that they do not contain the amount of CBD they claimed. While CBD may still have a long way to go before it is considered a potential treatment option for ADHD, CBD oil may help alleviate some common symptoms associated with ADHD. There are different types of CBD oil to choose from and it's not clear which CBD products could be useful in treating ADHD. While CBD oil and other CBD products may hold promise for relieving some symptoms of ADHD, there simply isn't enough evidence to support their use as a treatment for ADHD.

Since clinical trials have not yet been conducted in children with ADHD and CBD, if you are interested in giving CBD oil to your child, consult your doctor. Most of what researchers already know comes from research on the use of smoked or ingested marijuana and not directly on the effects of CBD oil or other CBD products. And while CBD may benefit some patients with ADHD, “one is to do an experiment with yourself by taking CBD for ADHD,” Evans adds. Mitchell and the wider community of ADHD and CBD researchers point out that there is a dearth of studies on CBD.

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